Maintenance Club Advantage Membership

Maintenance Club Advantage Membership

Argo Air Inc. offers a Maintenance Club Advantage Membership, a private membership that will give you piece of mind for home, rental, or lake house property.

As a member you will have an advantage of being service protected 24/7 from emergencies. If you decide to move but stay in our service area, the membership can be transferred to your new home or it can be transferred to the new owner of the house you recently sold.

As long as you change your filter monthly like we recommend you can rest free and easy knowing you are at the top of our priority list and help from a seasoned qualified technician is only a phone call away when you become a member of our Maintenance Club Advantage Membership.

Benefits Of The Maintenance Club Advantage Membership

Member Advantage Service.. When you have an emergency or an issue with your heating and cooling system, you will have an advantage over other customers that choose NOT to invest in the Maintenance Club Advantage Membership by being serviced first. By being a member we will put you first above other service calls. For non emergencies we guarantee service within 48 hours.

Guaranteed Same Day Service For Emergencies.. If you have an emergency with your heating and cooling system and need to place a service call right away due to certain circumstances such as parties, weddings, or family members have medical issues where an emergency repair is the only option, we have qualified staff on call 24 hours a day including all holidays.

Energy Efficient Equipment.. By having routine preventative maintenance performed twice a year you will notice lower energy consumption and at the same time add years to the life of your heating and cooling system. Just a small amount of dirty film on your outdoor cooling coils can lower your heating and cooling efficiency by 15% – 36% causing an increase in your utility bill and damage to your system leading to costly repairs to your equipment.

Two Free Seasonal Safety Inspections & Tune Up.. You will receive 2 FREE safety inspection tune up’s including one Spring cooling system 30 point check with filter change and one Fall furnace or heat pump 30 point check with filter change involving a thorough inspection to help avoid costly repairs when you least expect it. We can also in some cases identify potential issues with your system before they can cause you bigger problems. This is a $225.00 value alone.

Special Rate Member Only Pricing… You receive special pricing rates of a varying 10% -20% discount on standard services provided by Argo Air Inc. Excluding equipment change outs, refrigerant, replacements, new installs, or special order items.

Manufacturer Warranty… Having routine required maintenance performed on your system by qualified service technicians you can uphold your manufacturer warranty for the length of time it is covered by the manufacturer without voiding your equipment warranty.

Maintenance Club Advantage Member-Only unadvertised specials throughout the year.. Several times a year we run special pricing for club members only.

No Overtime Fee.. With a Maintenance Club Advantage Membership, Argo Air Inc will not charge you any overtime fees!

To learn more about the Maintenance Club Advantage Membership contact Argo Air Inc by visiting our contact page or calling us at 205-365-6827.


Administrator Author: Jason Ward