Energy Saving Tips

Maintenance & Special Care

Your air conditioning system including air filters, evaporator coil, and condenser coil all need special care.

Air Filters

Air filters should be checked on a regular basis and replaced once a month. A dirty air filter will allow the air to bypass the filter causing all of those nasty particles to stick to the fins on the evaporator coil causing a significant reduction of heat transfer, strain on the compressor leading to high energy consumption and costly repairs.

Condenser Coil

The Condenser coil is located outside and is part of your outdoor unit. When you start having insufficient airflow pulled through the fins by the outdoor fan motor, your system will begin to suffer and energy consumption will be noticeable.

This can be caused by dirt accumulation from cutting grass, dryer vents, tall grass, shrubbery, or any other objects crowding the outdoor unit. Keep the area around your outdoor unit free from debris.

It is best to have a qualified technician clean the outdoor coil once a year with a specialized foaming acid cleaner so your system can run at a much lower pressure allowing the removal of heat from the refrigerant that was absorbed from inside your home.